Denver Nuggets guard Jamal Murray was trending on social media on early Sunday morning, but for the wrong reasons. 3 An update to this situation occurred around 4 in the morning (eastern). The bottom of the post has been updated to reflect the new happening. It’s two different tweets. One from Jamal Murray’s girlfriend and the other from the Nuggets talent himself. On Murray’s Instagram account, what appears to be a sex tape with an unidentified woman was uploaded. The post, however, was quickly deleted. In an interesting turn of events — upon the deletion of the NSFW video — Murray’s IG Story was filled with weird posts.

denver nuggets
denver nuggets

Denver Nuggets forward Jamal Murray isn’t committing to social distancing during the quarantine.

Saturday night, Murray posted a video of himself getting oral sex on his Instagram story by accident. Murray, in the end, erased the video and deactivated his record. However, people on the internet kept mocking him.

In the end, Murray took to Twitter to state that his record had been hacked.

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