Mask Mandate In Illinois

Mask mandate
Mask mandate

J.B. Pritzker, the governor of the state of Illinois, gave an update on the mask mandate with regard to the state. It was stated that the mandate was issued one more time. As per the details, all the citizens were to remain masked indoors. However, it would not be executed right away. The statement was made on the 26th of August. It was stated that it would be valid from the 30th of August that falls on a Monday.

Governor Pritzer’s Mask Mandate

The indoor mask mandates are already upheld in one of the counties of the state. It is in Cook county as well as in the city of Chicago. According to the details, people will have to be masked indoors irrespective of the status of their vaccination. The governor of the state belonging to the Democratic Party stated that the state will again follow the mask mandates beginning on Monday. And that will have to be followed irrespective of whether one is vaccinated or not. He also claimed that masks were effective. 

Governor Pritzer of Illinois further stated that although masks were not important when one was outside. However, it was better if people used it in places having crowds like in concerts and festivals. To be precise, it was better to use it if one was exposed to venues where there were too many unvaccinated people around. The Democratic governor also introduced another mandate as a measure to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in the state. In addition to the mask mandate, he stated that all the students of higher education, healthcare workers as well as teachers will either have to get vaccinated or will have to test for the coronavirus on a weekly basis.