Impact of COVID-19 on Personal Injury Cases 

coronavirus pandemic
coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is an unprecedented event which has devastated the lives of everyone and has impacted every area of our society. 

The social distancing measures that were placed in order to avoid the transmission of the virus have caused millions of companies across the world to shut down, and those who do have a job are more likely to work from home because they are “important” employees such as health care professionals and truck drivers. 

Although cases of personal injuries are still being filed and those that have been filed before COVID-19 are progressing, several problems are causing this scenario. 

While personal injury cases are still being filed and those that were filed prior to COVID-19 are continuing, this situation is caused by many issues. 

COVID-19 Psychological distancing strategies have a knock-on impact in the field of lawsuits for personal injuries and in litigation in general, as both plaintiffs and defendants face doubt in their ability to advance proceedings and reach trial deadlines. 

Our Personal Injury Lawyers Gold Coast will give you some tips regarding the impact of COVID-19 on Personal Injury Lawsuits. 

How COVID-19 is Affecting Personal Injury Cases 

Medical treatment delay:  

This is incredibly necessary for us to seek prompt medical attention anytime someone is involved in a car crash or suffers some such form of personal injury. Following the instructions of those who care you is always really necessary, which includes attending all of your follow-up appointments and following along with examinations and treatments as instructed by the doctor. 

This is not just for your physical wellbeing’s sake, it’s also a legal issue. You have a moral duty to minimize the losses by filing a personal injury case, which involves doing what the medical professionals prescribe to treat or achieve complete therapeutic recovery. 

The outbreak of coronavirus has created a few challenges with regard to medical treatment for victims of personal injury. Second, people are rightfully apprehensive about seeing a doctor who is infected with COVID-19. It can cause them to miss crucial treatments and not get the care they need to get into the road to recovery. 

Bear in mind, however, that the open hospitals and clinics take all the appropriate measures to keep their patients safe, and the risk is very small compared to the cost of failing to follow through on the treatment plan. 

Pressure to settle quickly–  

Personal injury claimants will likely face more pressure to resolve their lawsuits because of trial delays and tighter finances. With the prospect of waiting for a jury trial for many months, many people might now be persuaded to take that money. Insurance companies are aware of this, too, and they are likely to benefit from the situation. 

Those most hit will be claimants who have no legal representation, because most are not familiar with the process or common tactics insurers use to minimize a claim’s value. Now, more than ever, having experienced attorneys in your corner who have the proven ability to secure maximum compensation in the name of their clients is extremely critical. 

Lapses in recovering insurance compensation 

Many drivers may not be keeping up with paying their insurance premiums because of the worsening recession. This could contribute to the lack of coverage, which could exacerbate a victim’s condition after a car accident. A patient hit by an uninsured or underinsured driver may not be in a position to obtain insurance from personal assets of the driver. 

In these cases, a claimant should bear in mind that their insurer is an adverse party and would certainly not pay a claim without resistance. First-party cases can be as controversial as third-party cases, and an attorney’s assistance can be just as important.