Governor Kristi Noem Criticizes A Right-Wing Blogger On Grounds Of Misogyny

kristi noem
kristi noem

Kristi Noem, the governor of the state of South Dakota, took action with regard to the subject of misogyny. She directly spoke against one of the bloggers who, according to her, made some horrible misogynistic comments against her. The blogger in question belongs to the media of right-wing politicians. It is to be noted that the governor belonging to the Republican Party was one of those who talked about figures in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Kristi Noem’s Answer

Republican governor Kristi Noem was praised by the conservative politicians with regard to the issue of the coronavirus pandemic. She was one of the influential politicians who did not agree with the mask mandates. It is to be noted that governor Kristi Noem is one of the potential presidential candidates for the year 2024. However, recently she criticized right-wing criticism, the reason for this was because she took a decision to not go against those private businesses who were implementing the coronavirus vaccine mandates. 

Owing to this reason, Matt Walsh, who is a blogger from the right-wing, stated that the South Dakota Republican governor was of “no use.” He also stated that the only reason why she was still surviving out there was that she was apparently attractive. Matt Walsh is also one of the podcasters.

He stressed the fact that the reason behind the successes of Kristi Noem in the world of politics was her physical features and nothing else. As a reply, the Republican governor stated that there were more important facts to pay attention to rather than that like how the government should function. She took to the social media platform, Twitter, to criticize him. She further claimed that her job was so tough that the conservative blogger would not even be able to endure it for a day.

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