Green Bay Packers’ Win Over Chicago Bears: Things To Know For The Fans

green bay packers
green bay packers

American football was played in the Professional Football Organization of the country in the 1920s. The NFL was established 2 years later.

The Decatur Staleys, who later became the Chicago Staleys, then the Bears, remained the sport’s most successful team throughout the whole period. However, that is what has happened till Sunday.

Going to Chicago, Green Bay Packers overcame a thirteen-point hole to shock the Chicago Bears twenty eight to nineteen. The Green Bay Packers were behind 19-10 going into the 4th quarter before outscoring Chicago eighteen to zero.

As of right now in franchise history, the Packers have seven eighty-seven victories, whereas the Chicago Bears have seven eighty-six. Chicago Bears had eighty-five more victories than Green Bay Packers as recently as 1991.

Green Bay Packers’ star QB Aaron Rodgers said that he thinks that it was a part of their legacy. He said that one should always aim to leave a location better than when you arrived, and currently, the all-time victories and series have been reversed. Given that he’ve had a great deal of success competing against them, I believe that after a while you’ll reflect back and be satisfied with your efforts to the competition.

Green Bay Packers Won Over Chicago Bears:

For the 8th time consecutively, the Green Bay Packers beat the Bears. Matt LaFleur, the current coach of Packers, advanced to an unblemished 8-0 record versus the Bears.

Additionally, the Green Bay Packers improved to 5-8 overall as well as maintained their tenuous postseason aspirations, while the Bears dropped to 3-10.

LaFleur said that he was proud of his team and the amount of resiliency showed by them. He added that being down by thirteen points it has been inconsistent and yet they did well.

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