Zion Williamson’s Health Rumored To Be The Top Crisis At Pelicans

zion williamson
zion williamson

This season, Zion Williamson has not yet played a single match. The player is still recovering after having his foot fractured. However, the New Orleans Pelicans have seemingly done all they can to help Williamson return as a player.

The Weight Of Zion Williamson Reported To Be A Major Issue

Reportedly, the Pelicans are pouring in energy, time, and resources to protect the health of Zion Williamson, as per reports by Andrew Lopez and Brian Windhorst of ESPN. Even staff members, as well as culinary practices, have been modified to benefit the ex-Duke star’s health.

Furthermore, ESPN noted that David Griffin, the executive basketball operation VP at the Pelicans, has taken tremendous efforts and sent videos to officials in the NBA. The gesture was an attempt to depict how Williamson gets targeted during games so that the NBA can prepare better officiating procedures that will protect the star.

Griffin has also had to pay a fine of $50k for publicly criticizing officials. Nevertheless, there is still uncertainty among the Pelicans as to when Zion Williamson can step back onto the court. Recently, he has been deemed fit enough to take part in contact practices.

In 2019, Zion Williamson had entered NBA as the top draft pick. Since then he has only been able to play 85 games. In the 2019-2020 season, his meniscus was torn. As a result, he had to sit out the beginning 44 games of the Pelican’s season before getting back and playing 24 games.

In the previous season, Zion Williamson, now 21, played 61 games. However, he had to sit out for a period because of a fracture in his left ring finger as well as a sprained thumb. When the offseason came, surgery was conducted to restore a fracture in his foot. This is the latest reason keeping him on the sidelines.