Greg Abbott Has Defended The Election Audits Of 2020

Greg Abbott
Greg Abbott

On Sunday Greg Abbott, the Governor of Texas decided to defend the upcoming audit for his state for the 2020 Presidential election results. This action was taken up after Donald Trump decided to probe into the election results the previous week. The demand of Donald Trump came through an open letter which was addressed to the Governor on Thursday, which was part of the baseless claim that he perpetuated since November, claiming that he lost the elections by electoral fraud.  Texas would follow Arizona which was recently audited by allies of the former President which reaffirmed that he had lost the election there.

Greg Abbott In Full Support of Trump Auditing Elections 

In his interview with Fox News, Greg Abbott stated that he didn’t think that the audit conducted was in any shape or form a waste of taxpayer money- despite the notion that Trump had won Texas over Joe Biden. He mentioned that audits are a crucial part of the government, and it was necessary because it was fundamental to their democracy. He believed it was quite ridiculous that people could audit anything, but would get upset when elections were audited. 

After the letter was issued by the former President on Thursday, the Secretary of State for Texas issued a motion for an audit of the four most populous Texas counties- Dallas, Harris, Tarrant, and Collin. Among the counties in this state, Biden won three of them- Harris, Dallas, and Tarrant, whereas Trump won just in Collin. Interestingly, a large catalyst behind Greg Abbott’s fierce support behind Trump could be because he was walking in for reelection and Trump’s endorsement could mean a great deal. 

Nevertheless, the letter of Trump where he demanded that Greg Abbott help him out in supporting a bill is still being debated upon in a special legislative session of the state.