German Elections 2021: SPD Wins, But Uncertainty Remains

german elections
german elections

SPD, the left-leaning party in Germany will start their negotiations about creating a ruling coalition after the German elections 2021 results put their win as narrow. This followed the election results on Sunday, where the Social Democratic Party won the largest share of seats at a parliamentary level. With every one of 299 electoral districts of the country reporting, the Democratic Party won around 25.7% of the vote by beating out the CDU or the Christian Democratic Union- the centrist-right conservative party of Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of the country. The party recorded their largest ever loss, taking just 24.1% of the seats, according to information provided by the Federal Returning Officer.

German Elections 2021 Heading Towards A Coalition Government 

And yet, the German Elections 2021 do seem to spread some uncertainty over who would be the next Chancellor of the country. Both the parties, the CDU and the SPD, along with CSU- the Christian Social Union- have stated that they would like to begin their coalition negotiations to introduce a new form of government. It is being assumed that any coalition in the country would either see the SPD or the CDU bringing about a collaboration with the Green Party, which managed to take around 14.8% of the total votes. They could also be inching towards the liberal Free Democratic Party which secured around 11.5%. 

Although Angela Merkel‘s party did lose the German Elections 2021, she would still be in the job until a deal is finalized- and this process could take a few months. And she has faced this once already- after her win in September 2017, it took around five months for a new national government to be instituted. Now, while the preliminary count does provide the SPD with a slight lead over their biggest rivals, this result does bring about a marked improvement for the party that could only secure 20.5% of the total votes in 2017. 

Ola Scholz, the leader of the party that won the German Elections 2021, stated most voters want him to be the next chancellor of the country.