Grey’s Anatomy Sees George O’Malley Making An Emotional Return After Appearing In Meredith Grey’s Dream

Grey's Anatomy
Grey’s Anatomy

The fans of Grey’s Anatomy have big surprises coming their way!

In the episode on Thursday of ABC’s medical series, Grey’s Anatomy, viewers saw the surprising return of George O’Malley as he appeared in a dream scene along with the character of Meredith Grey, played by Ellen Pompeo, while she has been continuously battling COVID-19.

Twist In The Tale In Grey’s Anatomy

The character of George O’Malley, played by T. R. Knight was among the very first among the group of the original five interns who had quit Grey’s Anatomy in the year 2009. George was killed in the finale episode of season 5 after he sacrificed himself to save a person from getting hit by a bus.

Knight told Entertainment Weekly that he had a miscommunication with Shonda Rhimes, the executive producer.

Although he is not a part of the show, he shares a close friendship with Pompeo and is often seen spending time together.

Knight ventured on Broadway and is now starring in The Flight Attendant.

During the episode in the previous week, Meredith was seen losing consciousness several times as she continuously returned to the dream scene where she was present in the same with Derek Shepherd, her husband who passed away in an episode aired in April 2015.

Grey’s Anatomy aired for 17 seasons and Krista Vernoff revealed that the entire team of the show made a successful effort of keeping the return of Dempsey a surprise for the audience by keeping it a secret.

Many crew and staff members were completely unaware of this surprise element. Vernoff also said that they considered the return of Meredith’s mother instead of her husband.

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