Wrestler Dan Gable Awarded Medal Of Freedom By President Donald Trump

Dan Gable
Dan Gable

President Trump awarded Dan Gable the Medal Of Freedom on Monday in the Oval Office. He is the only wrestler to receive this honor in history.

In America, no wrestler other than Dan Gable did more for promoting wrestling. He is the athletic giant and greatest wrestler who has conquered the most ancient and difficult sports of the world. He is the true GOAT who has made the USA very proud. Trump said the above during his ceremony.

However, no one in the audience was wearing masks or social distancing. Among those involved in Gable’s ceremony were Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst, both of whom returned to their post in the Senate after being coronavirus positive last week.

Gable while accepting his medal thanked everybody for allowing him to get the highest award that a civilian can get.

Trump also boasted about his “2-0” election win numbers. Trump described Dan’s collegiate record of winning 117 matches and losing only one while comparing with his winning figures of 2-0.

Dan Gable Achievements

Gable had a record of 117-1 at Iowa University, became NCAA champion two times, and earned the gold medal in the 1972 Olympics.

Being a coach, Dan Gable’s teams conquered 15 NCAA team titles. He coached 12 athletes who became Olympians and five Olympic tournaments.

Last week, President Trump awarded the medal to Lou Holtz, football coach. Earlier in the summer, Trump awarded this medal to Jim Ryun, the Olympic runner.

The Medal Of Freedom is given to those individuals who have meritoriously contributed to the national interests or security of the country, to cultural or private or public endeavors, or world peace.