Electoral Count Act Reform Issue Addressed By McConnell

Electoral Count Act

On Wednesday, the minority leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, made an important comment on the Electoral Count Act. 

Mitch McConnell recently pointed towards the reformation that is much-needed in the act of Electoral Count. This comment was made following the mass objection by the Republicans against the 2020 presidential election results that ousted Donald Trump. Republicans have since, opposing the certification of Joe Biden as the President of the United States of America. 

McConnell’s Concerns Over Electoral Count Act 

The Democrats have been pleading for a more extensive election reform along with election federalization. However, few of the lawmakers across both parties have also suggested that small reforms on the basis of bipartisan can be discussed and implemented. 

Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin, Democratic Senators, have supported a sweeping Electoral Count Act this Wednesday. Surprisingly, several Republican senators also joined hands.

Mitch McConnell took everyone by surprise as he made some formidable statements. He mentioned that there are a few obvious flaws and it will be worthwhile to discuss the Electoral Count Act. However, the Democrats believe that McConnell is simply trying to move the focus from important work towards reform bills. 

Some Senate Democrats like Chuck Schumer, Majority Leader, and Martin Luther King Junior Day have been threatening on changing the rules of the Senate in case McConnell supervises the GOP filibuster. Moreover, they want to declare Election Day to be a holiday that will certainly increase the number of voters and pass anti-gerrymandering legislation. 

Electoral Count reform will make it difficult for lawmakers to disrupt election certifications. The White House clearly mentioned that the president and his administration believe in protecting the rights of the citizens that cannot be substituted with paltry reforms. Nonetheless, people think it must be openly discussed and a solution must be made.

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