Grocery Stimulus Check Benefits Under Medicare Advantage And SNAP For Seniors

stimulus check

With higher-than-normal inflammation, many seniors on fixed incomes are looking for help to make ends meet and ensure they have access to healthy nutritious food during the pandemic. There has been talking of a ‘grocery stimulus check’ or additional coverage under the Food stamp/ SNAP program.

One thing to note is that many of the programs are administered at the state or local level, with federal guidelines. While there is no actual stimulus check there are supplementary grocery benefits available via the Food Assistance for Older Adults programs via medicare advantage plans, which can provide up to $900 for seniors in qualified groceries. Along with the 2023 SNAP increase and pandemic emergency allotments, this should reduce food insecurity amongst our older population.

Is There A $900 Grocery Stimulus Check?

So a lot of seniors may have heard about the grocery stimulus of  $900  for those over 60 or some related variant or amount. This payment was likely spurred by speculation of additional stimulus checks for seniors. However, no additional federal funding was passed for new stimulus payments from 2022 to 2023.

Seniors can still claim prior stimulus check payments and related benefits by filling out a prior-year tax return. Several states are also providing additional tax and stimulus payments to eligible residents, which may provide some additional benefits to seniors.

Medicare Advantage Plans and Grocery Benefits- The main grocery benefits available to many seniors are via supplementary benefits under certain Medicare advantages plans offered by private health insurers. These supplementary grocery payments are an added benefit to Medicare Advantage plans and are not generally available via the original Medicare plans. The amount of coverage and benefits amount will vary by plan and in the state, you live. There are also restrictions to the food and merchants