GSK Has Been Given A Rating Of Hold By Different Brokerages


The shares of GSK have been given a hold rating by around eighteen different research firms that have been covering the stock. According to a report, three different research analysts have already provided the stock with a rating of sell, while ten others have provided the company with a rating of hold. Five others have given the company a rating of buy. Currently, the price target of the company over a period of a year has been set at $20.10. 

The Stock Commentary Of GSK

There have been quite a few research equities that have commented on the stocks of GSK. Shore Capital has already reiterated its rating of hold in a 21st April research report. UBS Group has also put up a rating of neutral with a price target of $17.77 in a 29th April research report.

Liberum Capital has also reiterated its rating of buy with a price target of $22.21 in a 15th April research report. JPMorgan Chase & Co has put up a price target of $16.98 with a rating of neutral in a 29th April research report. 

The stocks of GSK traded on Wednesday at $17.41. The moving average price of the company over a period of fifty days is GBX 1,312.16, while the moving average price of the company after a period of 200 days is GBX 1,336.25. The market cap of the firm is £67.03 billion with an 11.68 PE ratio. The year low of the company is $15.56, with the year high set at $22.84. The debt-to-equity ratio of the company is 130.48, with a 0.62 quick ratio, and a 0.91 current ratio.