Adam Kinzinger Believes GOP Shouldn’t Control House If Party Supports Lies

Adam Kinzinger
Adam Kinzinger

Adam Kinzinger, the Republican representative, has recently urged his party from selling their lies, conspiracy theories on Sunday. He further mentioned that if the members of the party kept it up, then they probably shouldn’t be in control of the House. The moderate Republican hailing from Illinois told Dana Bash of CNN that all he could preach for his party was to embrace the truth.

The Republicans have to reckon what happened at the Capitol Riots, and lies won’t help them there. This was mentioned in an interview when Kinzinger was asked if voters should prudently trust their House Republican leaders. 

Adam Kinzinger Calls For Truth From His Party

The congressman replied that if the Republican Party was more involved in spreading their lies, then maybe they shouldn’t have control over the majority. Adam Kinzinger also added that if his party would actually tell the truth as well as fight for real conservative values, they would certainly have the majority to themselves. But they would need to do away with their facade, and stop angering the future of the country. 

Adam Kinzinger has always been in the news for rallying against the more extreme factions of the Republican Party. He has also criticized several of the party members which includes former President Donald Trump. Interestingly, both Kinzinger and Rep. Liz Cheney have found themselves falling from grace in their party for their roles in the Jan 6 Committee that has been investigating the Capitol Riots. 

The previous week brought several waves in the Republican Party as GOP Rep. Andy Biggs called the House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy to modify the rules which would allow them to remove both Liz Cheney as well as Adam Kinzinger from the Republican Conference- something Kinzinger believes would hinder the party from being a source of truth.