Gwen Stefani Pokes Fun At Video Call Mix-Up With Blake Shelton

Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani

T-Mobile has listed Gwen Stefani along with Blake Shelton, fiancé, in order to send up the problems related to the miscommunications of video call as well as their own relationship through a spot of 1 minute long during the 2nd quarter of the game on Sunday.

The advertisement produced by Panay Films was initially intended to air along with another spot of 60 seconds that had a similar theme and stars Tampa Bay, Rob Gronkowski, and Tom Brady from ‘Buccaneer’. Nonetheless, the carrier has claimed that the ad was rejected during the eleventh hour owing to some dispute over advertising rights between Verizon and NFL.

Gwen Stefani’s Hilarious Super Bowl Video

After the mix-up in the video call, that was supposed to play T-Mobile, they played another ad of 1 minute starring Travis Kelce and Anthony Anderson. This ad was a continuing ad of the brand that has been campaigning by featuring Black stars.

The first ad of T-Mobile was offering a comical and alternate representation of the way in which Gwen Stefani first met Blake Shelton and the way they started dating some years back. In that ad, Adam Levine is seen playing the matchmaker through a video call where Stefani says that she wants a partner from another country who is sophisticated, culturally aware, and appreciated confident and strong women. After this, Shelton s the blind date to Stefani.

Peter DeLuca, the SVP of T-Mobile, has recently stated that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton were instantly interested in self-deprecating humor as soon as the company approached them with this ad idea a few months ago. Both of them absolutely loved the script and immediately said yes to it.