The Ultimate Guide To Create Shoppable Videos

While video advertisements are taking a backseat with the modern consumer base, they are still looking for quality video content. In this situation, innovators came up with the idea of shoppable videos. The average adult American consumes 5.5 hours of videos online each day. So when videos turn shoppable, video marketers can tap into this audience base. They can continue their marketing without disrupting the content, just by inserting shoppable ads in those videos. 

Early people who converted to shoppable videos saw a large jump in view count. Diya Jolly, the Director of Product Management for Ads, YouTube, has said that the number of views for product-related videos has grown by 40% since last year after the introduction of the True View Cards. 

It is very clear that shoppable videos have huge potential for selling products, but why have marketers not completely adopted this tool?

A good guess would be the common fear of the unknown. There are multiple ways to approach shoppable videos, and it might seem technologically advanced. But it is easier than it seems. Marketing teams might hire an expensive video production team just for one video content. But in reality, shoppable videos can be created in-house with analytics that can be tracked. Here are some simple methods to create shoppable content.

Wideo: Shoppable, Interactive Videos 

Wideo streamlines the video creation process for a small amount. Analytics accompany all Wideo in order to monitor video views, link clicks, the length of watched video, etc. for you to measure your success.

How to make Wideo? First insert your call-to-action buttons, then sign-up forms. Connect a URL to the options in sidebar and adjust the color and copy until you’re satisfied. That’s all to create a professional shoppable video. The interactive video on Wideo will be accompanied by analytics when your video starts receiving views. This will help you track quantifiable results.

YouTube Videos

With YouTube, there are 2 options to choose from.

When exporting your clip, Wideo gives a straight to YouTube option.  So no need to download the mp4 video and upload again. After the export from Wideo, the interactive buttons will not be clickable. Once uploaded to YouTube, the buttons can be re-instated with YouTube annotations. Annotations allows you to pick a place on your video and hyperlink it to a URL. You can line them up with buttons made in Wideo. Thus an interactive, shoppable Wideo is ready.

If you want to hide your shoppable attachments within the video instead of displaying them, there is another option. You can go for the cards-based annotation system that was launched back in March. It is offered via Google Adwords. Make your video shoppable without the Wideo buttons. The cards-based annotation system presents a menu in YouTube showing an arrangement of interactive cards for viewers to click. The menu is hidden with only an icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. Viewers can see the menu with the video or make it disappear by tapping on the icon.

Interactive Videos on Your Website

Shoppable videos have much more than only the video. It might inspire a new approach to presenting your content on your website and other platforms. Burberry’s display of the latest menswear collection can be a good example. When the clip of the runway show plays, as each look surfaces, the still image below the clip shifts to display that look with shopping details.

This video marketing strategy presents great creativity but also aligns with the company’s aesthetics. Even more important is the fact that this strategy managed to streamline the Burberry experience to the prospective buyers. This video marketing campaign incorporates a shoppable video that helps increase the chances of their sales. Can you implement something innovative like this with your current content?

With the help of shoppable videos, one can lead a viewer’s focus to specific services or products. With great quality content, one can engage their viewers. When it turns shoppable, one is directly marketing it to them minus any overt promotional content.

Individuals run to video via web-based networking media since stages like Facebook and Instagram make a local situation where the substance is ceaselessly served. These outlets offer brands a chance to market to a fascinated crowd, while video permits advertisers to grasp further commitment and innovativeness. In any case, keeping shoppers inspired by recordings while empowering exchanges can be a troublesome exercise in careful control. The best substance suppliers can flawlessly work the two components together into one, brought together understanding.

ShopStyle, for instance, propelled YouTube Looks, permitting watchers to click item connects legitimately inside a video, as opposed to in the portrayal box or a different page that may divert from the substance. We’re additionally observing this coordinated shopping pattern on Instagram. A year ago, Allbirds delivered a restricted release assortment that was just accessible for buy on the application.

These local shopping capacities advance to purchasers who organize consistency. Simultaneously, they help brands and influencers hold watcher commitment by keeping the entire involvement with one spot.

Creating shoppable videos in-house willl help your brand integrate the tool properly with the brand’s general digital marketing strategy. This will help you to pursue a quantifiable return. 

So irrespective of whether you are interested to create shoppable videos to promote engagement, or use it to drive your sales, the format is a great blend for the modern audience who is moving forward from traditional ads.