Hakeem Jeffries is Coming Back In 2024

Hakeem Jeffries

This is highly likely that Hakeem Jeffries might be filling in for Nancy Pelosi in the House Of Democrats, and he has been hearing her speech for a long time. This news still bothers him that Nancy Pelosi is actually going to step down. Hakeem Jeffries previously served as the new york us representative since 2013.

Hakeem Jeffries Visited By Guests at The Capitol

Hakeem Jeffries was visited by many guests in his hideaway at the capitol, someone has been changing everyday fruit baskets there and filling them with fresh raspberry bowls. He was receiving more phone calls and stopped more in the hallways.

Hakeem Jeffries will be the first black in the history of democracies leading the congress. He stays conscious of whatever is coming on his way and prepares his speeches for every little and minute public appearance. Jeffries has law-based knowledge vividly, and many feel including the president that he is the right fit for this position. Hakeem Jeffries himself wants Joe Biden to run for reelection in 2024. This win might give other broad chances Democrats to win against Republicans.

Hakeem Jeffries feels even at this crucial point all other people along with other democrats members have elected him and want him to join them. All other democrats are in their 80s, some of them are new and weren’t even there during Obama’s reign. Some are hesitant about Jeffries’s arrival and some are very excited to have him on board, majority are excited as Jeffries could learn things faster than Pelosi would have done, however, he might need some time in order to flourish.

Jeffries has some flaws so did Pelosi, some are in doubt if Jeffries could even handle vote counts with so less fundraising network he has. And Jeffries made this clear he respects Nancy Pelosi and sees her as an inspiring person, and in return, Nancy Pelosi responds she doesn’t want to be anyone’s mother in the kitchen and micromanage things in her son’s life.

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