Hugh Grant And Wife Drunkenly Watch Love Actually And Reminisce

Hugh Grant
Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant, the dynamic actor, and his wife Anna Eberstein watched their favorite holiday romantic comedy recently and remarked how it included aspects of suffering and pain. Grant, 62, revealed to host Diane Sawyer on the ABC News special The Laughter & Secrets of Love Actually: 20 Years Later the fact that the couple had watched Love Actually together drunkenly.

Regarding the film’s themes, he remarked that it comes right from the heart and that it’s true.  A few months back, when he and Anna were watching Love Actually while drunk, it was she who pointed out that the movie was all about misery and sorrow. Additionally, Hugh Grant and Richard Curtis collaborated on the films Four Weddings and a Funeral 1994, Notting Hill 1999, and Bridget Jones’s Diary 2001.  Curtis, 66, announced that Grant surely is his luckiest break.

Behind The Scene, Memories And Moments Shared By Curtis And Hugh Grant

He also adds that Hugh’s crankiness is not only phony, but he’s the only one in the entire world who has never sent a message that didn’t make him chuckle, despite the fact that he is frequently irritable and unhappy. Grant praised Curtis’ writing, informing Sawyer that the movie is quirky, wacky, and a little psychotic.

A large portion of the crew came back together for a mini-Love Actually sequel in 2017. The ten-minute version, written and produced by Curtis once more, was a component of Red Nose Day of Comic Relief, which is an event to raise money for kids that attracts big-name comedians.

Hugh Grant also confessed in the show that he detested the concept of his popular dancing scene. With the moment in question, The Pointer Sisters’ “Jump” serves as the background music as Grant’s character as Prime minister David breaks it down through his 10 Downing Street apartment.