‘It’s A Wonderful Life’: Want This Christmas Classic In Black And White Or Color?

It's a wonderful Life
It's a wonderful Life

The 1946 classic movie It’s a Wonderful Life air every time in the Christmas season, normally in its authentic black & white form. Still, the controversial color version of the movie excites people like the new Blu-ray print launched in November. It includes a color version as well as a black & white remastered version available in 4K U-HD. But most of the people are in agreement about the Black &White version being superior.

Debates About ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’

However, the same sentiment is not shared by Karolyn Grimes, the co-star who played the role of Zuzu, who was George Bailey’s youngest daughter. Jimmie Stewart was the downtrodden fellow who received a fateful Eve visit from Henry Travers, who revealed all the good things he has done his whole life. Grimes while laughing in a Yahoo interview blurted out that she loves the color. Grimes, 80, presented sound reasoning for this preference. She said that when she was filming the movie, it was shot in color and it seemed real and that is how she remembers her memories of filming ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’.

According to her, color gave the movie more realistic. Jimmy Hawkins, co-star, who played the role of Tommy Bailey, Mary and George’s youngest son acted like a traditionalist. His point is that the movie being shot in Black & White gave it more depth and much work went towards giving that look. According to Hawkins, now 79, a lot of the folks love seeing the color version of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ because most of the fans are purists.

According to Hawkins, the message given by the movie is that every man’s life gets touched by many others. Grimes added that the movie applies to tomorrow, today, and yesterday. There is this opportunity of reflecting every Christmas that how we act really matters and we can all make some differences.

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