How Has Harry Styles Evolved His Fashion Sense Over The Years?

Harry Styles
Harry Styles

Harry Styles has come a long way since his days as a contestant in The X Factor back in 2010. Now, he is one of the most sought after singers in the world, whilst adorning several magazine covers. Needless to say, the erstwhile singer of One Direction has definitely come a long way- when we talk about fashion. Interestingly, after he decided to go solo, his fashion sense took a hard left, with him now getting for androgynous and experimental ensembles. This has definitely set him up in the music industry as someone who is not afraid to think outside the box. With Monday bringing up his 27th birthday, it is important we check out his fashion evolution. 

Harry Styles Has Gone From blending into breaking the mold

Harry Styles never gave off blaring red lights when he wasn’t as famous as he is now- yet, there were signs that he might be a fashionista. In his days as an X Factor contestant, and then One Direction, he had a few signature looks that definitely set him apart from the rest. In fact, some of us might remember the time he went for his X Factor audition with a skinny scarf on. 

Harry Styles Post One Direction

However, Harry Styles did have a pretty consistent closet throughout his time with One Direction. As it goes with boy bands, their clothes were carefully coordinated- despite which Harry Styles managed to bring in his oodles of originality. He never strayed far from his bandmates- but he did push the boundaries a bit. 

Beyond the red carpet, Harry Styles had his own boy-next-door look- khaki jackets with checkered shirts, and knitted beanies. No wonder this fashion statement reached its apex when the singer started dating Taylor Swift