Andrew Yang Criticizes A New York Daily News Illustration As Racist


Andrew Yang, the mayoral candidate from the city of New York spoke out against one of the works from the New York Daily News. The candidate criticized an illustration that was shared by the news source. According to him, it propagated the idea that Americans of Asian descent are permanent tourists to the United States of America. It showed that they are outsiders. The criticism came from him this Thursday.

Andrew Yang Gets An Answer

The artist behind the criticized cartoon from the New York Daily is Bill Bramhall. The illustration reveals Andrew Yang coming out of the subway station of Times Square. Beside him is an owner of a souvenir shop that lies on the way. Upon seeing the mayoral candidate, the owner confuses him with a foreigner due to his Asian face and terms him to be one of the “tourists.”

Andrew Yang gave a statement on the illustration at the platform of one of the well-known news channels. He said that anybody, after having a look at the illustration, can get the idea and the message behind it. And the idea behind that is that Asian Americans are tourists. The politician from the Democratic party made a mention of the hate crimes that were going on against the Assassins in the United States of America. He stated that the country was going through a situation where Asians were victims of physical abuse. They are being told to return from the country. They are betting thrashed on the New York streets. The statement came from him this Thursday. 

Josh Greenman, the editor of the editorial page of Daily News went on to justify the actions of the illustrator, Bill Bramhall. He stated that Andrew Yang failed to grasp the proper message that it carried. And that was to criticize him for not having enough knowledge about the city and the fact that he never exercised his right to vote in any of the mayoral elections before.