Kelly Dodd Has Dispelled Rumors About Being Fired From Real Housewives

Kelly Dodd
Kelly Dodd

2020 wasn’t technically the best year for any of us- more so for Kelly Dodd. The alum from Real Housewives of Orange County found herself in a spot of bother constantly throughout the entirety of 2020. Although the trouble has mostly been on a virtual medium- it could very well jeopardize her career. After getting married in a period where people were supposed to not crowd, she also put herself in trouble by making controversial statements about the pandemic. If that was not enough, Kelly Dodd also wore a Drunk Wives Matter hat- which has justifiably sparked outrage on social media platforms.

Kelly Dodd’s 2020 Hasn’t Been Fruitful 

But the celebrity hasn’t backed down from the outrage. Although her method of defense hasn’t been the best- we can’t deny her for trying. Sure, in hindsight it probably wasn’t a good decision to wear a Drunk Wives Matter hat and then justify wearing it because she was 2% Black. With the entire world rooting for Black Lives Matter, putting out uninformed sentences could spell disaster for Kelly Dodd.

Looking at the continuous stream of hate the celebrity is receiving, one might think that Kelly has finally realized the gravity of her mistakes. Nonetheless, she tried to dispel rumors about her supposed firing from the show, stating that the contracts haven’t been out yet. 

This was in response to a series of scathing remarks made by Vicki Gunvalson- who flat out called her a liability for the show. Vicki has been stating time and time again how Kelly Dodd has been running her mouth off without any consequences- and maybe it was time she learned a lesson. Incidentally, the show has received quite a lot of flak from the fans for their constant support for Kelly- which can definitely be seen as harmful.

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