A Russian Assassination Team Is Connected To The “Havana Syndrome” Among US Officials

Havana syndrome

Evidence that a Russian military assassination unit may be behind the mystery health illness known as “Havana syndrome,” which has afflicted American government officials and diplomats, has been uncovered by a joint media inquiry. Why this matters “60 Minutes” reported that the results of its five-year investigation with The Insider and Der Spiegel suggested that the neurological symptoms may be caused by Russia’s GRU Unit 29155. This was the first time that evidence connected the instances to a foreign opponent. According to US intelligence officials, the phenomenon is unlikely to be the result of a foreign opponent. 

What Are The Symptoms Of This “Havana Syndrome”?

U.S. officials refer to “anomalous health incidents” (AHI) as “Havana syndrome,” and symptoms might include severe headaches, nausea, dizziness, and ear discomfort.

The illness was named “Havana syndrome” when American personnel were reported to have been ill at the U.S. Embassy in the capital of Cuba in late 2016. Indeed, but New proof indicates “there were likely attacks two years earlier in Frankfurt, Germany when a U.S. government employee stationed at the consulate there was knocked unconscious by something akin to a strong energy beam,” according to The Insider. The Russia-focused news site continued on Sunday, saying, “The victim was later diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury, and was also able to identify a Unit 29155 operative, based in Geneva.”