Parts Of The Ohio Valley And South Are Targeted By A Possible Severe Weather Outbreak

Ohio Valley

Tens of millions of people in the eastern part of Ohio Valley are at risk of severe thunderstorms that might produce deadly tornadoes, strong wind gusts, and hail, which is increasing the likelihood of a severe weather outbreak. The Storm Prediction Centre issued a warning Tuesday morning, stating that “a potentially substantial severe weather outbreak – possibly including a few significant/long-track tornadoes – is anticipated this afternoon and evening.”

Parts of Missouri and Illinois saw the first of these thunderstorms roar to life early on Tuesday afternoon. In the afternoon and evening, storms will continue to intensify and broaden in scope, eventually extending from the Gulf Coast to the Ohio Valley. 

These Storms Pose The Greatest Threats To Areas Of Ohio Valley

Thus far this year, the storms have posed the greatest threat of tornadoes, with areas of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana being the most vulnerable. SPC data indicates that Ohio has not received a warning of a tornado danger this significant in over a decade. Strong tornadoes have the potential to spawn in this area and linger on the ground for several miles at a time.

Over 200,000 homes and businesses lost power as a result of the first set of destructive storms that passed over the Ohio Valley on Tuesday morning, according to Most of the area was blasted by damaging winds of 40 to 60 mph, while a gust of 92 mph was recorded in Huntington, West Virginia.