Havana Syndrome Survivors To Receive Government Aid

Havana Syndrome
Havana Syndrome

Havana Syndrome has caused a wave of damage across the USA. The syndrome is typically a series of symptoms that were first reported in Cuba, Havana. The staff of the US & Canadian embassy reported the strange occurrences in 2016. Cases of the strange disease were later found in countries like Austria, the US, India & Germany. 

The symptoms experienced from the Havana Syndrome usually showed brain damage. There is still no concrete proof of the reason for such symptoms. However, some suspect it is a result of high-frequency radio emissions. 

The administration of Joe Biden decided to rephrase the disease. They called it unexplained health incidents. The administration has recently proposed monetary aids to the victims. The money would be used for their proper medical attendance. Let us learn more about the incident below. 

Havana Syndrome: New Bill To Support The Victims

The Senate has passed the bill for the aid of those affected by the deadly Havana Syndrome. The survivors are concerned about likely brain damage. The money would cover their full medical expenses. Any person suffering from the disease will be entitled to receive the money. 

The federal government is very much perplexed by the recent developments. It has been noted that the syndrome is affecting the American spies in particular. An energy attack of some sort is being highly speculated. The number of cases has witnessed a huge spike in recent times. 

The newly passed act has been termed the Havana Act. It provides funds for the treatment of patients suffering from Havana Syndrome. The government has given the entire flexibility of choices to the CIA. They can now determine and structure the spending of the money according to their own will. The organization will be liable to produce the monetary reports to Congress.