Hawks-Celtics Game 5- Trae Young Shoots Off


The Hawks-Celtics Game 5 had everything- it had some really good hoops, it had drama, and it had a single player envisioning everything that he could have done in a game. And it also had the same player doing it on the court. 

It was Trae Young’s day, and we all got to live in it. With under 10 seconds remaining in a must-win game, Young realized that the Atlanta Hawks were down by one point and the ball was in his hands. He could have shot a three-pointer, but he decided to make a play. As the fourth-quarter game ticked down in Game 5 on Tuesday against the Boston Celtics, whatever Young had thought about happened to the exact point. His USP in the league for the last five seasons had been his midcourt shot, and he decided to let it rip as the buzzer came to a stop. 

Trae Young Lights Up The 5th Hawks-Celtics Game

When the shot went through the hoop, it wasn’t just the game for the Atlanta Hawks. Rather, this allowed them to fight another day in the Hawks-Celtics Championship game series. They could then drag it to Game 6 in Atlanta, with the Celtics holding a lead of 3-2 in the first round of the playoffs from the Eastern Conference. After the game, Young mentioned that owning the moment had been his zeal throughout life- and he was not going to stop doing that now. 

The moment Trae Young produced in the Celtics-Hawks game was quite reminiscent of the same performance he put on at the MSG during his debut at the postseason in a 2021 first-round series against the New York Knicks.