Method Man’s Wife Takes The Spotlight To Defend Her Husband Against Wendy Williams’ Claim

Method Man
Method Man

Recently, Wendy Williams came forward with allegations of a “one-night stand” between Method Man and the TV show host during a promotion event of her biopic.

Method Man’s wife Tamika Smith now comes up with her version of the claimed allegations against her husband to clear the air. The TV host, Williams claimed during her upcoming movie promotion that the hip hop legend Method Man had partaken in a “one-night stand” several years ago.

In the interview she stated that it was a long time ago and both of them had smoked a blunt after which they had a “one-night stand”. She further mentioned that the Wu-Tang Clan star might not corroborate with this if asked. She said, “He’ll deny it, maybe not”.

Method Man’s Wife Responds To Williams’ “Verbal Attacks” On Instagram

After this interview, Tamika Smith, Method Man’s wife put out an Instagram post saying that Wendy Williams is making these false claims for the purpose of promotion of her new film.

She made a longish post explaining how this is not the first time that Wendy is making these claims she had spewed such “verbal attacks” against her family and especially her husband before this incident as well. Tamika considers Wendy’s claims an attempt to provoke them into a response. Smith mentions further that she had been quiet about Wendy’s lies for a long time but now she has proven to be incapable of showing any decency.

Tamika says that these statements are nothing but obvious attempts to increase ratings of her upcoming biopic. Moreover, she now considers this to be a pattern that Wendy Williams has been repeating for years.

Tamika also clarified in the post that her relationship with Method Man is “solid” and her husband continues to be successful in his field, claims Tamika Smith despite these allegations.