Tik Tok Star Huey Haha’s Death Cause

Huey Haha
Huey Haha

One of the rising stars of social media, also known for his comedy content, died on Oct 25, 2021. The actual reason for his death was under investigation. Recently the case was solved, and the truth came into existence. The suicide rate is quite increased worldwide, and we surely need to overcome this problem.

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Before getting into the sad fact of his death. Let’s get to know some cute and exciting stuff about him. Huey Haha was 22 years old. His real name was Hieu Minh Ngoc Ha, but he was known worldwide by his Tik Tok name Huey Haha.  Huey owned a home in California. From his Instagram posts, one thing that was clearer was that he loved his supporters and fans.

He often used to express his love to his fans via social media platforms. According to the information shared by Sacramento County Coroner Office, the cause of Huey’s death was a self-induced wound by gunshot. The higher authorities say that it was the case of suicide. A detailed investigation was carried out, and no suspicious stuff was found that could lead the case in another direction.

The coroner stated that seeing all the circumstances and looking deep into the case is vividly the case of suicide. The sad part is that Huey’s two-year-old daughter named Princess is left behind. The daughter of Huey and Heather Saizon (his girlfriend) is quite adorable. Unfortunately, we can’t get much information related to heather Saizon as her Instagram profile is private, yet her bio says she grieves Tik Tok’s loss.

Yet we are quite proud to announce that a GofundMe named page was created to carry out Huey’s funeral and support Princess later on. The current fundraising is $46,300 and the goal of $50,000.

Mental Health Fight

What were the reasons that made him take such hash actions? From his Instagram, we found out that a month before he died, he shared a video related to the life of bipolar. Maybe this indicates that he had some mental health issues or he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. His fans spoke out and said that he was suffering from depression.

He also deactivated his account sometime before his suicide news broke out. Before deactivating his account, he tweeted that “F*ck Life “on his titer account. This surely indicates that he had some issues going on, and he did not have a satisfactory life.

He also posted some attention-seeking posts like one can never tell what’s happening in other people’s lives and be kind to every person. You never know what his/her limits are. He showed all kinds of warnings that he was not doing well.

Early Life

Huey grew up in California, Stockton. He often talked about his tough childhood and the situations he and his siblings faced growing up. He had four sisters and a brother, and they often had nothing to eat. He also mentioned in an interview that he used to go to school for the only reason so that he could get out of the depressing atmosphere of his home.

One of the tragic stories he shared from his childhood was that when he was thirteen was under foster care, but two families kicked him out because of his addiction to smoking marijuana.  He attracted about 258,00 followers by posting vulgar and comedy videos of him and his friends.

Anyways, we will further update you regarding Huey’s daughter and his girlfriend and their life after this sad incident.