Hayes Grier Accused Of Assault And Robbery!

Hayes Grier
Hayes Grier

According to the police, Hayes Grier is charged with assault and robbery that resulted in brain damage of the victim. The alum of Dancing with the Stars is charged with brutally assaulting and robbing the cellphone of William Markolf on Monday in the state of North Carolina. Hayes Grier, an influencer, was arrested by the police following his alleged violent robbery. The office of the Sheriff of Mecklenburg County confirmed the same. 

Hayes Grier Has Left His Victim With An Acute Brain Damage!

According to the documents of the police, Grier, now 21 years of age, was detained by the police on Friday afternoon. This arrest took place in the state of North Carolina due to warrants issued in his name in Encino, California. Three charges are being leveled against Hayes Grier: assault resulting in critical bodily injury, robbery, and felony conspiracy. After posting a bond of $17,500, Grier was released from custody overnight. On Monday, he allegedly assaulted William Markolf brutally before robbing him of his cellphone for $1200. This is according to all the warrants, acquired by TMZ. Due to the attacks, the victim has critical injuries including acute brain damage. 

According to reports, Markolf also sustained bruised ribs, hearing loss, head trauma, and a broken orbital bone. In 2013, Hayes Grier became famous for his pranks on the social site platform Vine. Currently, he sports over 5.6M Instagram followers and 880,000 subscribers on YouTube. In 2015, he rose to further fame by becoming the youngest male contestant ever to participate in DWTS. At 15 years of age, Hayes Grier managed to secure the eighth position on the reality show hosted by ABC, season 8. Additionally, Grier is the younger brother of Will Grier, backup quarterback, Carolina Panthers. Nash, his younger brother, also became a star on the social site platform Vine.