Heartthrob Harry Styles’ Full Debut Film May Not Be Pleasing Enough

Harry Styles
Harry Styles

One Direction singer Harry Styles’s this isn’t his first debut; he has worked with Christopher Nolan in Dunkirk. It was a blockbuster; however, “Don’t worry Darling” has become the most controversial recently.

Harry Styles’ Mom, Anne Twist, Answered Critics Via Instagram Story

The multi-talented Harry Styles showed his talent in different creative ways and has become a fashion icon lately. Don’t worry Darling, a film by Olivia Wilde, rumored to be with Harry Styles since last year. Harry’s mother slammed the controversy via her Instagram story. Anne always has been supportive of her son since the X factor. And also, this time, she didn’t stay quiet and put on a story targetting critics “if you don’t like me, please don’t follow me” with sharing her reviews of the film.

The report says the relationship between Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde caused scenes on the set and had a fallout with Harry’s co-star Florence Pugh. Don’t worry Darling will be in cinemas on the 23rd of September 2022.

Olivia Wilde shared her experience from the Don’t Worry Darling set, where Shia LaBeouf gave her an ultimatum to choose between Florence and Him; she chose Florence over him; she did this so-called “fire” to protect Florence from Shia. Shia allegedly abused Florence, which can be seen in the leaked video.

Harry Styles was a replacement for Shia and was criticized for being given a chance to be Olivia’s boyfriend in 2020 after LeBeouf left the cast. And the critics have commented on Anne’s post for not commenting on Florence’s performance, while she just praised Olivia mentioning how good she was as director and his son as Jack. Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde’s relationship made an impact on set, which made Florence uncomfortable seeing Harry and Olivia all over each other.