“He’s All That” Remake Draws Significant Interest

He's All That
He's All That

“He’s All That” has been released finally. It was a much-anticipated series that was due for a long time. The series is basically a remake of the 1999 hit “She’s All That”. The show is a romantic comedy that revolves around teen romance. Despite the show being a spinoff remake, it retains its originality. The charming cinematography, unique approach make the show stand out. The series has a surprising cast. It is led by Addison Rae, who is an influencer on Tik Tok. She has a huge fan base and is no alien in front of the camera. However, considering her experience in acting, she is a newbie. The directors took a chance with Rae and it seems to have paid off. “He’s All That” has gathered a lot of interest from the fans. Let us further get a sneak peek into the latest show. 

“He’s All That” Review

The recently launched series is written by R. Lee Fleming Jr. He is also the writer of the original “She’s All That”. The writer restructured the story in order to relate it more with the present society. The latest show has some exclusive dialogues. It seems that the story was remodeled purposefully so that it can retain its originality. The show also portrays some light moments that add to the versatility. 

The story revolves around Padgett, played by Addison Rae. She is portrayed as an influencer on social platforms. Padgett has a boyfriend who suffers from a serious medical condition. She was very much grieved and feared that her public breakdown might cost her. Padgett was at risk of losing her contracts. In order to prove her ability, she takes up the challenge of making Cameron a star. Peyton Meyer plays the role of Jordan while Cameron is played by Tanner Buchanan. 

He’s All That promises to be a huge hit. The show can be streamed on Netflix currently.