Home Of Nancy Pelosi Vandalized With Graffiti And Pig’s Head

Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi

In the early morning of Friday, the home of Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, in San Francisco was vandalized and spray painted. There was also the severed head of a pig in the garage, right in the front of it. The graffiti demands her to cancel the rent and include the words that they want everything, which is possibly about the Covid-19 stimulus checks. Also, there was a severed head of a pig lying inside a pool containing red paint right in the front of her garage door.

Details Of Vandalism Of Nancy Pelosi‘s House Unclear

The police of San Francisco are saying that they received the 1st call regarding this disturbing incident on Friday around 2 am. At that time Nancy Pelosi was not in her home as she was in Washington. Neighbors said that although they can understand people’s frustration over American politics this manner of vandalism won’t help anything get resolved.

Audrey Carlson, Pelosi’s neighbor said that this is not a very useful way of handling the situation and it is just a terrible beginning to the new year, at a time when everyone is hopeful of less hatred and anger than what culminated in the past year. KPIX tried to reach the office of Nancy Pelosi for any comment on this horrible incident but no one commented on the situation.

The police of San Francisco has not declared any information regarding the suspect of the case. Nobody has claimed any responsibility for this vandalism. Most of the graffiti mention “cancel rent” and UBI so the culprit seems like a person active in those movements. Nancy Pelosi spearheaded the Covid-19 bill past Monday for increasing the amount of the stimulus checks from $600 to $2000.Total 275 House members voted in favor of the bill with 134 House members voting against the bill.