Lawsuit Seeking Mike Pence To Interfere In Vote Count Gets Thrown Out

Mike Pence
Mike Pence

The lawsuit from Louie Gohmert, Republican, Texas and other Republicans form Arizona forcing Mike Pence, Vice President for throwing the election of 2020 to President Trump during the meeting of Congress next week for counting the votes of the Electoral College gets thrown out by the federal judge Jeremy Kernodle, Judge, Eastern district, Texas stated on Friday,1st January that Gohmert along with others is lacking the standing required to sue.

Gohmert along with other plaintiffs have filed an appeal notice to the 5th Circuit of Appeals Court during a late Friday filing. The suit of Gohmert seemed like another extraordinary and desperate attempt by the GOP for overturning this presidential election with the help of unproven and baseless allegations of voter fraud along with alleging that many states, where apparently President-elect Biden won the elections illegally by changing the rules of voting amidst the pandemic. Over the last two months, these arguments have not succeeded around a dozen times in federal and state courts.

Mike Pence Terms The Lawsuit As A Legal Contradiction

Mike Pence asked Kernodle on Thursday to reject this case, by arguing that these legal issues that Gohmert has brought into the picture should be directed towards the Senate and the House instead of directing them towards him. Mike Pence further stated that it is an absurd legal contradiction for filing a suit for establishing the discretion of the Vice President over the vote count against the VP.

The filing of Mike Pence also stated that ironically the position of Representative Gohmert if gets adopted by this court will actually deprive Gohmert of the opportunity as the House member under the Act of Electoral Count for raising objections against the counting of the electoral votes, along with voting and debating on them. On 6th January, around 140 Republicans of the House will vote against the count of electoral votes.

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