Mac Jones Is One Of The Reasons For the Grandeur Of Alabama Crimson Tide

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Mac Jones

Mac Jones, the quarterback player of American football was not supported by the people when he was going to Alabama. This was because there were already two quarterbacks in the Alabama Crimson Tide in the recruiting class. They were, Tua Tagovailoa and Jalen Hurts.

Mac Jones was told by many to leave the Alabama Crimson Tide. The reason for this is because he attempted to go for a total of 33 passes. This took place when he was halfway in season three on the campus. Also, the fact that Bryce Young, who had been signed by Nick Saban, was expected to make the starter of Day 1 for the entire season of the year 2020.

What Makes Mac Jones Crucial For His Team?

However, this was not the way Mac Jones perceived things. It is an established fact that the way of perceiving things, for the Alabama Crimson Tide, is not common to all. And this is the very reason why the team stands out, most of the time. It did the same, this Friday. They won over Notre Dame in a playoff semifinal. The score was 31-14. This has taken them towards their eighth such game of the national championship over the last 12 years.

On Friday, the Florida native, Mac Jones, went for a total of 297 yards. This was accompanied by four touchdowns as well. Jones had achieved the completion of the total passes of 77%. The quarter is a finalist of the Heisman Trophy as well.

Mac Jones gave a statement after he made the completion of around 30 passes against the Irish. He said that he was an extremely athletic person. And, the only thing he focuses on is to make sure that the ball is in the right hands. When asked about whether he was giving a speech for the grand ceremony of the Heisman, he turned ambiguous. Mac Jones termed the question to be a ‘rat-poison’.