Home Run Derby Sees Alonso As The Champion For Second Consecutive Time

home run derby
home run derby

Home Run Derby saw Alonso register his second consecutive win on Monday. The event saw the Mets star cruise along with the event. More details are provided below.

Home Run Derby Witnesses Alonso Win As He Claims Himself The Undisputed Best

The event of Home Run Derby took place in Denver on Monday. In an intense match, Pete Alonso defeated Trey Mancini. This meant that Alonso has now won the event 3 consecutive times. He scored 74 runs and covered commendable miles of 6.35 during his match. During the 3 rounds, Pete overcame the challenges of Perez, Soto & Mancini respectively. 

The winner was awarded a trophy of silver. He also received a sum of $1million & a designer necklace that spins.  Alonso went on to claim himself as the best. He expressed his joy about the fact that he could do justice to his talent. Pete termed this win as a dream moment for him that came true. He reminisces of his childhood days where he started up late to watch baseball.

The Home Run Derby was attended by a sold-out stadium. It witnessed some enthralling contests. The derby saw a huge number of home runs, legendary performances from Soto, Ohtani & Mancini. Ohtani was expected to steal the show. However, he lost to Soto in Round 1.

Monday’s event of Home Run Derby saw a total tally of runs at 208. Three shots even surpassed the record of 513ft. The event saw many close encounters. Olson v Mancini, Gallo v Story all witnessed nail-biting finishes. Alonso, after becoming the champion was included in an elite bracket. Yoenis Cespedes & Ken Griffey Jr are the only other athletes to have achieved this prestigious feat.