USA Basketball Team Loses Against Australia, A Second Straight Loss

usa basketball
usa basketball

USA Basketball Team had a tough match as they lost against Australia. Though they are still the favorites to win the crown at the Olympics, few questions need to be answered. The American team has now lost two of their back-to-back matches. 

USA Basketball Team Loses Its Track, Fails To Register A Win Against The Australians

The team lost to Australia at a margin of 91-83 on Monday. After the World Cup of 2019, the USA Basketball Team has lacked serious consistency. They lost 4 games winning only 1. The loss against Australia was the second time they lost back to back.

The Americans seemed to perform well tonight compared to their earlier matches. They were disastrous against the Nigerians. But keeping in mind the high-paying coaching facilities, the team is expected to do a lot better.

Damian Lillard & Kevin Durant were the silver lining for the Americans. They performed according to their expectations. They scored 22 & 17 points respectively. The Americans had an initial lead of 11. Australians managed just a mere 13 at the 30minute mark. Popovich, the coach pointed to these takeaways and promised to deliver better. 

The Australians sounded confident after the match against the USA Basketball Team. Spearheaded by Patty Mills, who scored a sum of 22 points, ensured the Australian win. Mills had played under the coaching of Popovich which also handed Team Australia an upper hand. 

The USA Basketball Team should see the losses as an alarm bell. The number of challenges is growing each day. As firm favorites, the American athletes need to pull their socks big time if they intend to win the gold.

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