Patricia Heaton Honors Her Dedication, Admits Quitting Alcohol Successfully

patricia heaton
patricia heaton

Patricia Heaton seemed overjoyed as she achieved a satisfying milestone. She stated that she has now stopped drinking. It is almost 3 long years that Heaton restricted herself from alcohol. She stated that anyone can choose a healthy lifestyle at any point in their life. 

Patricia Heaton Sets Example, Welcomes Her Choice Of No Alcohol With Joy

Heaton believes that the lockdown can seriously affect the mental health of a person. She fears that to overcome the stress, people might succumb to alcohol or drug abuse. Patricia Heaton set herself as an example and encouraged others to follow a sober lifestyle.

In what seemed to be a celebratory video, Heaton was seen talking about her restrictions on alcohol. She revealed that she had been away from drinking for 3 long years. The actress mentioned her struggles in the video. She started that life was not very easy, to begin with. She had ups and downs. 

Patricia Heaton thanked her religion. She said it played a big part in making her stay focused. She continued by saying that it had helped her connected with her resolution. She urged all her fans to change their lifestyle to a more sober one. She wanted her fans to contact her if anybody intended to seek any help about the issue. This encouragement from the celebrity could help thousands. 

There is a lot of taboos and misconceptions about alcohol & drug abuse. Many people are afraid to publicly admit their issues. Public figures like Patricia Heaton openly discussing such issues is of great help. Influencers and celebrities must come forward. They should talk about the issues and help people get back to a healthier choice of life.