Hope Hicks Says Trump Made Them Look Like Domestic Terrorists

Hope Hicks

Former Trump aides at the White House are venting their anger on social media. Former adviser under Trump has fumed that the aides of the outgoing president were “fu*ked up” and were in danger of remaining “perpetually unemployed” following the events on January 6 when a mob instigated and directed by Trump ran amok through the capital.

Hope Hicks texted Julie Radford, Ivanka’s then chief-of-staff, that in a day Trump had put paid to all future opportunities. In a sarcastic tone, she wrote that the only engagement that they were likely to find was as speakers at the local chapter of Proud Boys. The Proud Boys were one of the extremist groups that attacked the Capitol.

She said that all aides would end up being branded as domestic terrorists and would remain perpetually unemployed. Hick Hopes spoke of being upset and furious. Radford agreed with her on text.

Hope Hicks Raged That They Had Become Unemployable 

The text messages by Hope Hicks were released by the House Committee that is looking into the role that Trump had in the insurrection. The messages came a day before the Republicans took over Congress after the midterm elections.

The Select Committee voted in December to ask the Justice Dept. to file criminal charges against Trump for his role in the riots. The Committee was made up of 2 Republican and 7 Democrat members of the House of Representatives. 

Hope Hicks had been one of the closest aides to Trump. She had been part of the Trump Organization. She came to the White House in 2017. She was later a communications director and also one of Trump’s counselors.

Throughout the momentous day, Hope Hicks raged about the unfolding events to Radford. This happened even as rioters chased Vice President Pence and other legislators out of the Capitol, disrupting the certification of Biden’s win. Her message is a broad reflection of the feelings and thoughts of Trump’s aides on that day.