House Intel Reveal That The Middle East Needs Stronger US Military Presence

House Intel

House Intel’s Turner said on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday, “[Israel, Jordan, and Egypt] were all strongly urging the US on a policy basis to play a more powerful role, envisioning that there’s plenty of genuine possibilities for improving the safety of those here, while simultaneously creating an image that there have been serious dangers within the region and the US ought to be playing an active role.”  The Middle East is plagued with rising concerns about Iran’s nuclear program.  

House Intel Convey’s The Middle East’s Requests

Following House Speaker Kevin McCarthy‘s trip to Israel in May, House Intel’s Turner, and Himes both recently had meetings with Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel. Netanyahu, according to Himes, is “very concerned with Iran,” adding that “it was unbearable for him to think of a nation possessing a nuclear weapon.”

Therefore, the issue is that Iran is obviously treating its own people so brutally that I believe the possibility of discussion is probably more distant than ever before. Netanyahu, according to Turner, thinks Iran can be dissuaded from developing nuclear weapons if it feels that forceful measures will be undertaken against it. This would have the chilling effect of imposing such prospects on Iran and halting its program as an outcome. Similarly to this, other countries are on edge over a deal that China is said to have mediated between Saudi Arabia and Iran due to the danger of China’s growing regional dominance.