Oprah Winfrey Meets Her Best Friend Gayle King’s Grandson

oprah winfrey
oprah winfrey

Oprah Winfrey at last met her best friend, Gayle King’s first grandson. She warmly welcomed the three-month-old boy to her abode with a beautiful ceremony.

On Thursday, Oprah shared the sweet moment on Instagram. In the video post, Oprah is standing alongside her long-term mate, Stedman Graham, and other loved ones by their mansion. 

Oprah Winfrey Hosts Young Luca

The Oprah Winfrey Show’s set welcomed little Luca with enthusiastic cheers and chants. They sang ‘The Circle of Life’ which was played in the opening scene of ‘The Lion King’.

As they sang and put on a performance Kirby Bumpus, Gayle’s daughter, with Virgill Miller, her husband, walked towards them. Kirby held Luca in her arms. The couple shared a brief kiss before climbing up the stairs to join Oprah.

Oprah sweetly caressed Lucas’ head. She told Luca that she knew he’d been dying to meet her and that she had been waiting too. Oprah then held his tiny hand and kissed it. The others melted and the video concluded with everyone swooning over this adorable moment.

Gayle herself was missing from the celebration as she hadn’t yet passed Oprah’s stringent measures for guests. Oprah explained that every guest who is staying for Christmas needs to be tested, quarantined, and fully vaccinated and boosted.

Oprah added that Lucas’ grandma, King, was missed dearly but she will join them soon after the entire process of testing and quarantining is over.

Oprah ended the post by wishing everyone a very happy and safe Holiday.

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