House Of The Dragon Episode 6 Preview And Details

House of the Dragon
House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon is going to take a 10-year leap in their upcoming 6th episode titled “The Princess and the Queen”. Rhaenyra Targaryen failed to acquire her desire to get a respectable husband, best friend, heir-ship to Iron Throne, and attractive boyfriend. Alicent Hightower is plotting on getting her children as heirs and throwing Rhaenyra out. 

House Of The Dragon Jumping Forward 

The episode 6 preview of House of the Dragon begins with the dragon flying and a member of the small King’s Council saying they must discuss the latest developments in Stepstones. Queen Alicent is now older by a decade. Rhaenyra will now be played by Emma DÁrcy instead of Milly Alcock. It seems like new people but the same old conflict between the two. 

We also see King Viserys sitting at a table and seems to be weak and old now. Viserys lacked complete control over their court and now it seems weaker than ever. Hand Lyonel Strong has replaced Otto Hightower as Viserys ally and Lyonel’s influence appears power-hungry. Criston Cole hit his future king consort in his face prior to killing a knight in presence of a large crowd. 

HOTD Confusing Yet Thrilling 

Alicent’s children are being trained by Cole so it suggests that he is now in the former’s camp following everything we witnessed thus far. Criston’s appearance is always followed by death. 

Several characters are getting new faces owing to the time jump. On the hand, there are some entirely new characters introduced in episode 6. Helaena and Aegon Targaryen have also grown up to be precocious whippersnappers. They also have another younger brother named Aemond. 

Rhaenyra’s marriage also gave her a number of children and an association with the 7 Kingdoms. Daemon is seen flirting and married to Laena Velaryon.

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