The View In A Mess Following Kamala Harris Interview

The View
The View

The View is a renowned talk show in America. This show started in 1997 and was initiated by Barbara Walters. It is regarded as one of the best daytime shows in America. The most interesting aspect of the show is that it is hosted by females. The show had an important segment recently that had an interview with Kamala Harris. This was being hyped up as the most important episode of the show. However, things didn’t go as planned. Many disruptions throughout the show dampened the fancied “25th season”. Let us have a detailed look at what exactly went wrong. 

The View Messes Up Kamala Harris Segment

Problems followed the recent shooting of The View one after the other. The initial bad news came when it was learned that the host could not be present. According to reports, the host was suffering from the terrible pain of sciatica. This was just the beginning of chaos. The members present there did not imagine that more embarrassing scenes were still waiting. 

Sunny Hostin & Ana Navarro were the co-host of the talk show. Shortly after the shooting started, two of the co-hosts were asked to leave the set. Utter confusion followed which was later clarified by officials. Reports said that both the co-hosts have been diagnosed with covid-19. After a while, the producer of the show announced that both the women were negative when tested further. Both Ana & Sunny has completed the full courses of their vaccines. 

A spokesperson for The View stated that these were unavoidable things at the moment. The world is plagued by the ill effects of the pandemic. The representative prayed for the speedy recovery of the hosts and wished them luck. The set was instantly sanitized and cleaned thoroughly for Kamala Harris‘ interview.