How Dropshippers Can Enhance Their Sales & Revenue


There were over 2.10 billion global digital buyers in 2021, and that number is bound to increase with subsequent years. However, an increase in potential buyers doesn’t automatically translate to growth. To enhance your dropshipping sales and revenue, you’ll have to abide by these tips.

How Dropshippers Can Grow Their Business This Year

To make more money with your dropshipping business, you’ll need to start from the ground up. You’ll need to examine your products and niche and improve your marketing. Here’s how.

Use Automation Software

Dropshipping automation software can make a huge difference in how you run your eCommerce business. With automation software, you can upload full product data from your suppliers straight to your store, route orders to the best suppliers, and monitor tracking updates.

Automation takes care of tedious processes, like updating inventory, so you can focus on other aspects of your business. Make sure you choose a software company that works with all vendors, big and small, to increase the number of people and niches you can sell to.

Conduct Product Research

As a dropshipping veteran, you likely have a niche or a list of products you know how to sell. Draw inspiration from your personal experience when analyzing the quality of each item and pick the right products to sell. When you’re locked into a product category, research trends.

Browse Amazon, eBay, Kickstarter, Pinterest, AliExpress, and Etsy’s best seller pages to determine product demand in your niche. Look at the price range for your products and compare it to what the supplier is charging. You’ll want to sell something with high margins.

Leverage Customer Reviews

87% of consumers read reviews before purchasing a product online because they see online shopping as riskier. However, you can leverage your customers’ reviews to entice buyers who may be sitting on the fence. Put reviews on your website, social media, and vendor pages.

Vendors like eBay make it easy for sellers to ask for reviews. Simply set your automatic messages to send right after a product was purchased, shipped, or received.

Increase Traffic to Your Website

The more visitors you receive, the greater your chances of earning more revenue. Creating and running a blog on your website is your best bet for attracting new customers because you add value to your visitors. You can also start ranking on Google and increase your brand awareness.

Instagram marketing is a safe bet for most eCommerce stores because you can post whenever you have a new item in stock. By using opt-in forms on your website or sharing campaigns on Instagram, you can start collecting emails you’ll use to send product updates and sales.

Offer Incredible Customer Service

Customer service is essential in any industry, but if you’re running your business by yourself, it may be difficult to answer your buyer’s questions promptly. For this reason, investing in an automatic chat/email reply bot can ensure your customer’s inquiry doesn’t get lost.

However, you must follow up with them using a friendly tone. A welcoming atmosphere can help calm the tension and keep your customers loyal. If you want to go above and beyond, send little “Thank You” messages to your regular customers to let them know you appreciate them.

Keep Backups for Your Suppliers

Online customers have a low threshold for errors, and a slight delay in receiving orders coupled with a price hike will cause you to lose business. Securing at least two quality suppliers isn’t just a safeguard in a volatile market; it’s a necessity in even the most secure economies.

In any business, it’s unwise to take chances. Having a backup supplier means you’ll be able to fulfill customer orders when your primary supplier goes out of stock. Backup suppliers also help you mitigate risks within your supply chain and ensure you won’t lose out on potential revenue.

Make Special Offers on Holidays

Promotional offers are the oldest marketing trick in the book, but they work wonders. During the holidays, everyone is looking for the best deal, and you can’t be the only business that doesn’t offer some kind of discount. Everything from coupon codes to free shipping will attract buyers.

Before throwing up a sale, make sure you review your margins. The most you should sell an item for is at cost, but since you don’t have to liquidate stock, it’s advisable to sell for a profit.