Swalwell Investigation Comes To An End After 2 Years

Swalwell Investigation

The Swalwell Investigation involves Rep. Eric Swalwell. The House Ethics Committee claimed that he was related to a possible Chinese intelligence agent.

The committee informed Swalwell in a letter dated Monday that it will not proceed with the investigation into “allegations raised in the allegations that you might have breached House Rules, regulations, or additional codes of behavior related to with your conversations with Ms. Christine Fang,” the alleged Chinese spy, which was launched in April 2021. 

Swalwell Investigation Has Been Closed

According to Axios, allegations that Fang assisted in placing an intern in Swalwell’s office and participated in fundraising activities for his 2014 re-election campaign prompted the inquiry into Swalwell.

Following the committee’s letter, Swalwell released a statement in which he claimed to have helped the FBI over ten years prior with their counterintelligence investigation of a volunteer for a political cause. He added that once Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan reappointed him to the House Intelligence Committee two years later, “the case and my support were briefed to Republican House Speaker John Boehner.” “Neither Speaker questioned my actions or made my cooperation politically charged.”

He said that a complaint was made against him by an unknown House Republican despite the fact that he cooperated with the FBI and that the agency never convicted him of any misconduct. 

“This matter had been investigated by the House Ethics Committee for over 2 years. They were able to subpoena people. I responded to their questions and provided them with information. They are concluding this case today without finding any misconduct.

While Schiff served as the chief prosecutor in the first impeachment hearing of then-President Donald Trump, he served as an impeachment manager during the second trial.