How technology is changing the way China’s youth find love

online dating
online dating

Although China is the cradle of one of the world’s earliest civilizations and is home to 18% of its current overall population (around 1.4 billion people), this remains a country wrapped in mystery. A one-party state, many of its customs are deeply traditional, none more so that dating. Matchmaking has been central to Chinese customs for centuries, with individuals being touted as favorable partners by their own families, and parents taking an active interest in the role of matchmaker. Respective relatives often become the ‘go-betweens,’ discussing aspects of their offspring’s suitability to the parents of potential matches. But like everything else in life, technology is making those archaic practices less relevant. With the advent of the Internet, young Chinese are increasingly turning their back on what mum and dad expect of them, and are instead turning to their web browsers.

The captive audience for online dating

Chinese youth are hungry for western technology and are embracing a raft of social media outlets. While aspects of these websites or smart device apps may be considerably locked down compared to their counterparts in other parts of the globe, users can still take advantage of a potent array of matching resources. In a country where the potential dating pool runs into the millions, going online to arrange get-togethers is such a practical activity.

Online dating is perfect for an educated youth

The old ways of getting introduced to prospective partners now seem positively outdated to so many Chinese youngsters, particularly those who are seeking relationships but are also leading busy lives and perhaps don’t want to hang around while their elders make their dating decisions on their behalf. Being able to consult potential dates via the convenience of their web browsers makes so much sense.

The old model isn’t dying, it’s being reinvented

According to experts from this website it’s tempting to see modern Internet dating as a phenomenon that is simply going to sweep the more old-fashioned traditions aside, it’s not a case of one replacing the other wholescale. Aspects of the more respectful methods of being matched can still be catered for by dating websites. Youngsters can opt for a range of websites offering them instant introductions, but they still have the option of choosing sites where compatibility is everything, and singles are expected to interact with due respect and formality.

Diverse opportunities are available

Chinese youth represent a demographic that is emerging into the daylight of technology after some time experiencing the suppression of political or social independence. This means that individuals are ready to embrace a diverse range of options when it comes to outlets for interaction, and that is especially the case where dating websites are concerned. While they might not have access to the same diverse range of matching resources that are available to Western youth, there are still considerable possibilities when it comes to signing up for dating agencies in the online environment in the Far East.

Internet dating is big business

While China is still governed under a one-party socialist system, it is a country that is also enthusiastically embracing international enterprise and seeking to broaden its horizons when it comes to trade. Entrepreneurs in this nation are perfectly aware that Internet dating represents a potential goldmine and are therefore investing heavily in cobbling together suitable outlets for Chinese singles to explore. The available technology is only going to improve, as are the graphic design and web coding skills that will be brought to bear so that these money-spinning platforms can be every bit as successful as the websites operating elsewhere in the world.

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