Coronavirus: 5 Ways to Protect the Elderly in Your Life

As seniors age, they become more susceptible to infections. Colds and body aces are the order of the day; they are harder to avoid. Pneumonia is also a common condition worth mentioning; it’s a leading cause for death among the elderly. What’s more? Older people face a potentially life-threatening risk if infected with the coronavirus, which has resulted in many deaths in China, Italy, and many other countries.

Here are ways to protect the elderly from the coronavirus:

1. Develop caregiver plans

Older adults require caregiver services and should plan appropriately and discuss this with a caregiver in case of sickness. Consider things like how to stay in touch via messages, phone calls or email, also, plan on, or how to get such services in case your caregiver is unwell.

Moreover, acquire an adult daycare software, it’s a digitalized way of taking care of your loved one; it saves time, improves care, and enhances communication. Work with your caregiver to avoid exposing each other to the infection if one of you is already showing symptoms. Also, come up with an emergency plan if you’re unable to visit your loved one, this should detail their medications.

2. Get a disability insurance cover

Disability insurance is among the most ignored types of insurance that many disregards. Although you may assume that you’re in excellent health and don’t need this type of insurance, a disaster can strike anytime. With the Covid 19 pandemic, so many things can happen and prevent you from working.

Besides, infections can attack anytime, making it imperative to have this kind of cover. It will cover a significant part of your salary in cases where you’re sick and unable to work. It will give you some income, and this will provide you with a sense of security in case of disability or sickness.

3. Stay sanitized

Washing hands often with soap and clean running water is an excellent way of combating the coronavirus transmission. Sanitize with an alcohol hand-based gel and disinfect frequently touched surfaces at home or in the workplace. Also, ensure that they are well cleaned with a disinfectant regularly to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease.

4. Stock on medications and other supplies

Most older people suffer from various chronic infections and use different medicines for heir conditions. If you’re considering isolating yourself or are just scared of going out, there are multiple things you can do to stay comfortable. It’s advisable to stock up on regular medical supplies in case you need to stay at home.

Also, monitor your food supplies and medications and have a plan on how to acquire more they get depleted. If you have a family member taking some medicines, obtain more for them, and stock on necessary foodstuffs to last the entire time that you’ll be indoors. Also, get a coronavirus diagnosis and seek treatment if infected.

5. Stay up-to-date with information

The situation is continuously changing, and there are new updates each day. For instance, some countries like China have since moved from in-home quarantine or isolation to facilities for suspect cases. There are also dedicated facilities for confirmed positive cases. For this reason, you should find a way of familiarizing yourself with current information. But be sure to get this from a trusted source like the WHO website or their public health agency.

The bottom line

Coronavirus is here with us, and everyone has a role to play in preventing the spread. There are various things you can do to protect the elderly in your life. Familiarize yourself with all the guidelines and follow them to the latter. Also, stay up to date with current information and make the necessary changes as required.

Author Bio

Taylor Vander Well heads up Best Practice & Marketing for StoriiCare, a care management and adult day care software for senior care providers. She loves doing her part to help care providers provide high-quality, person-centered care to their residents and service users.

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