How To Make Your Hitch-Hiking Trip As Safe As Possible?


Traveling is a hobby and passion for many. But going on a trip alone has few incentives and a lot of hard work.

However, taking a hitch on someone’s vehicle can make the trip even more pleasurable. You can find people with vehicles – a camper or an RV, looking for partners on a holiday trip. Such people can be easily found on travel groups on Facebook or other social media sites.

Find a travel partner

They would love to have you onboard if you happen to like each other and ready to share the costs. However, before you leave on someone’s vehicle for a long trip who is largely a stranger to you as of now has its own perils. To not get into trouble with the person, possibly the driver, you can verify the antecedents of the person without letting him know anything about it.

If you have contacted someone to take a hitch in his vehicle for the trip, you may have his phone number or email id and these details can provide you further details about the person.

If you search the person through his email id or phone on Spokeo people search, you could get a huge amount of digital footprint details, his real name, his address and much more. By going further into the data and his social media accounts, you can find out about the person and also what he has been up to.

With so much information about the person, you would be able to know if he is a good person and if it’s safe for you to travel with him. This is very important for your safety as you choose to go with him on a long drive, and possibly on a holiday.

Spokeo and other websites help you with reverse phone lookup and phone number search. This makes you know if the person has the same name and address that he has mentioned to you.

Reverse number lookup and email search could throw up data about his address, name and his social media and other digital presence. That can provide enough data to guide your research about the person.

However, if you find anything objectionable, you can go with him. But you should still be careful and follow the tips given as follows:

Communicate with the driver

Before you get into a stranger’s car for a long trip, it is a good idea to strike a conversation with the driver to get an idea of what kind of person he is. Talking with him for some time can give you an idea if he is a criminal or burglar. If you find anything doubtful, you should not take a hitch in his car.

Be positive

If during the trip, there are occasions when you think the driver is easily irritated, it is better that you don’t get into an argument with him. You keep your smile on and talk only as much is required. Any excess talk has the potential of starting a long conversation and if the person is easily irritated, you never know what is going to touch his raw nerves.

Don’t travel if the driver is drunk or under drugs

Another thing very important about a driver with whom you are traveling is to make sure that he is not drunk or under the influence of any drug. If he is intoxicated, there are significant risks that he may run into trouble either in the form of accidents or getting caught by the highway cops. An accident is an extremely scary scenario.

If the driver is drunk or on drugs, you should find some reasons to avoid getting aboard. If you find out about it after being in the vehicle for some time, you should make an excuse and ask him to stop the vehicle. Once he stops, find some reason to stop traveling with him.

Do not hitchhike at night

As you are taking hitch with an unknown person, you should avoid traveling in the night because taking advantage of the darkness, the driver might try to pull some tricks with you. A daytime trip gives you more power even if you are traveling with a complete stranger.
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