How to Ensure Top Drupal Website Performance?

Drupal Website Performance
Drupal Website Performance

The company’s website run on Drupal plays a key role in proper product marketing, company development, and building solid relationships with your potential customers. Apart from being the face of the company/brand, the site is also a source of traffic and is intended to bring customers and partners. 

If you want the official online platform of your business to perform at maximum, then you need to properly plan its development and implementation. In case you have no experience in launching online projects from scratch, the drupal development team recommends addressing this task to professionals. In this case, you will not have to postpone launch deadlines and will deliver a quality product. In this post, we are covering the most important aspects of a good website. 

#1 — SEO-Friendliness 

A SEO-friendly site is better crawled by search robots and is properly indexed by search engines, which is the first step to ensuring your site’s visibility on search engine results pages. To create an SEO-friendly website, you need to carefully plan and structure information about the company and the services or products provided. After planning the content core of your site, you can go further and decide on the look and feel of an online resource. 

#2 — Usability 

Usability means ease of use of a resource and combines several factors at once: page loading speed, certain design requirements, as well as an approach to creating a site taking into account user comfort. The key factors to consider when creating a website: 

  • Page layout — Important elements should be prominently displayed and visually stand out; 
  • Home page and site navigation — Make sure that the site is easy to navigate and that the user will not get lost; 
  • Site search — Large sites need a properly configured and convenient site search; 
  • Input forms — Application or registration forms should be as short/ simple as possible and easy to complete. 

#3 — Responsive Website Design 

Today, smartphones are the most popular device for browsing sites. Therefore, the optimization of sites for mobile devices is one of the important factors for the promotion of a web resource in search engines. A couple of years ago, Google made the transition to “Mobile-First” indexing technology, which marked the priority in indexing pages on the mobile version of the site, and this once again proves the importance of mobile optimization. 

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#4 — Website Loading Speed 

Another important factor in the age of mobility is page loading speed. It is important to remember that users can be impatient; they can have a slow Internet connection. Therefore, it is important to take care that the page code is not overloaded with blocking scripts, and the images are of the correct format.  

You can use the Google PageSpeed ​​Insights service to assess site speed. It will show you how fast pages load on computers and mobile devices and give you recommendations for optimization. 


SEO, design, and site conversion are closely related to each other. In this article, we have listed the main points that are important to consider when creating a website for its subsequent promotion in search engines. A high-quality study of the site at the initial stages will help to avoid common mistakes and significantly save the budget for website promotion.