Schumer Says More Testing Needed Before Trump’s Plan to Open Country Moves Forward

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Friday marked an interesting development in US politics as Democratic Leader Charles Schumer grudgingly approved of Trump’s plan to reopen the country, albeit he mentioned that a few chinks need to be fixed in place. 

“The plan is a little more measured than what the president said in the past, which is good, but there’s a key thing missing in all this,” Schumer said in an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

Schumer again spoke of the Democratic plan of issuing a National Testing scheme that was worth $30 billion. At the end of the day, this scheme was extremely crucial to not be added to the interim coronavirus relief package in place. 

He also advised that the President would be better off pushing the Defense Production Act that would see the government wresting control of the factories, and putting them to use- making tests and distributing it throughout the country. 

On Thursday, the POTUS and the White House Coronavirus Taskforce got together to chart the next course of American life, as they brought out a three-course plan that would see them reopening sectors one by one. But Schumer believes that the tests they have at their disposal currently is barely enough to take care of the entire country.