How to Gamble Online Smartly During the COVID-19 Lockdown

Gamble Online Smartly During the COVID-19 Lockdown
Gamble Online Smartly During the COVID-19 Lockdown

Providing some concrete steps players can take to play safely at top online casinos, including picking trustworthy sites and being financially disciplined.

Using Top Casinos Responsibly and Safely

Ever more players are visiting online casinos during the COVID-19 lockdown, and it’s vital to do so in a safe and responsible way. We’ve put together some useful tips for playing online without getting in over your head.

Choosing Safe Online Casinos with Great Welcome Offers

Due to land-based casinos dealing with the reduction in sports, or, at worst, closing their doors altogether in a bid to combat the pandemic, it’s perhaps unsurprising that online betting activity has recently been on the rise. Those partaking in betting over the internet should take care to be safe whilst doing so.

There are two major ways to gamble at top online casinos safely: by picking a reputable site, and by governing one’s own behaviour. Choosing a safe and trustworthy casino is very important, because it not only means your financial transactions are secure but that you can be confident of getting your money without undue delays or difficulties, should you finish in profit. Lots of sound sites with great customer service are out there, including Ignition Casino which has a nice offer for new signups  that allows players to start their time with a trusted site and a cool welcome bonus. Mr James Casino has a great selection of games to enjoy, but the more important plus point of joining up is the reliable nature of the site.


So, what makes a site trustworthy, and how do you detect dubious signs? One key aspect is the licensing arrangement. Luckily, this is also one of the easiest things to find most of the time. Information on the licensing arrangement is usually present at the bottom of every online betting page. There are many good licensing territories for international gambling, with the United Kingdom and Malta amongst the very best. If there’s no licensing info at all, this is a major red flag and indicative of a site to be avoided.

Reputation and Customer Support

Good reviews and customer service are also important, and you can readily find information about this online. There’s no point being lured in by a snazzy promo or slick marketing if it turns out the site takes months to process withdrawals or has even more serious drawbacks. Be sure to check out a site’s reputation before you join up. As the Romans said: caveat emptor (buyer beware).

Another helpful aspect of good sites are customization options that help encourage individuals to stay safe whilst gambling, which we explore below.

Pandemic Lockdown sees Rising Casino Activity

Online casino betting has been rising as a trend for some years now, and this has only increased with the pandemic lockdown. Due in part to the sports calendar being thrown into turmoil, exacerbating the boredom many feel whilst forced to remain home, betting has increased significantly in recent months.

It’s critical that players who are either gambling more, or new visitors to online betting sites who are trying them out for the first time, keep a firm grip on their wallets and behave in a responsible way.

Only Bet what you can Afford to Lose

The pandemic lockdown has seen huge numbers of people either playing at the best online casinos for the first time, or increasing the amount they play due to being stuck at home for prolonged periods. In addition to playing at reputable betting sites, it’s important for players to behave in a way that’s conducive towards their own safety.

First and foremost is a rule that applies to everyone from seasoned veterans to newcomers: only bet what you can afford to lose. It may sound like a trite and clichéd saying, but it’s the best piece of advice a gambler will ever get. Betting is about entertainment. Someone on a limited budget should no more fritter that away gambling than they should buying designer clothes or a new car. What you can afford must determine your stakes. Many online casinos come with limits that can be set on deposits and losses, assisting players to act in a responsible and financially sustainable manner. Take advantage of these options. If you’re in control they won’t change anything, and if you get a bit carried away they’ll stop you taking things too far and losing more than you can afford.

Top casinos are also governed by benevolent self-interest to try and support players who want to self-impose limits, or even self-exclude themselves. Both human nature and the potential for substantial fines for failing to prevent self-excluding players from gambling help keep casinos on the straight and narrow when it comes to keeping players safe.

Ignore So-called ‘Strategies’

On a related note, avoid so-called strategies for ‘guaranteed’ wins. These mostly fall into the category of doubling systems (stakes rising whenever you lose because you’re ‘bound’ to win sooner or later). What they do is increase your chance of finishing a tiny margin ahead, but ensure that if you do lose you lose the maximum possible amount. They’re mathematically insane. Don’t fall prey to these innumerate schemes.


As well as the financial cost, bear in mind the time. Having fun with a pastime is no problem, whether that’s gambling, playing videogames, reading, drawing or whatever you like to do. But if it eats into the time you have for other things, especially work- and family-related matters that are more important, then it’s time to take a break. Gambling’s there to be fun for a little while, not to consume every minute of the day.

Ensure you know the Rules

There are a wide variety of games to play when at a top betting site, and if you’re trying something new do be sure to give the rules a quick once over before you start. These can vary quite a bit. Some blackjack games might have the dealer winning if there’s a tie, for example (as an aside, avoid that variant as it’s hugely detrimental to the player’s chance of winning). Slots can have complex mechanics that are a lot of fun, but you want to know what you’re doing beforehand rather than trying to work it out in the moment.

Gambling online has lots of advantages. It’s accessible, fun, and you can do it for a few minutes or spend longer, as suits your situation (both time-wise and financial). Just remember to keep yourself safe, and only ever bet what you can afford to lose.